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Social Media Marketing
That Will Reach Your Audience

We take social media off your "To-Do List" so you can focus on doing what you do best.

As a small business owner, you have hundreds of things to do every day but social media doesn't have to be one of them. Our social media marketing and consultation services are designed to show you what people are saying about your products or services, areas where you can get involved in the conversation, and the ability to build brand awareness. We provide full service social media campaign management, initial branding, and account set up services, as well as long term consulting services to teach you how to manage your social media campaign using industry proven practices.

More than ever potential new customers are seeking information and basing decisions on their peers' advice and opinions. Customers head to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter sometimes based on a new post or a re-tweet. Let your brand identity on social media accounts be consistent with the brand you have worked so hard to develop over time.

Our team will help you establish a presence on both Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with custom designed graphics that will make a positive long lasting impression on all who visit your social media business pages. This increased visibility on social media will direct new customers to your website.

Social Media Strategy: Not sure where to begin? We assess your needs and budget, outline opportunities, and recommend a clear direction for long term success.

Social Media Branding & Setup: Based on what we determine through our competitive analysis & strategic planning we will implement social media strategies & channels that will best serve your particular business needs. We establish the accounts, brand profiles, images, timelines, and install badges that link from your social media accounts to your website and blog.

Monthly Management: We provide full scope management of your social media accounts including collaborative efforts to push content, promotions, advertisements, blog posts on a continual basis. We monitor and track channel performance and will provide you with input, feedback and content recommendations that will help you reach your goals.

Competitive Analysis: Keep an eye on your competition! We run a competitor analysis of business accounts in your industry, letting you know who among your competitors is utilizing blogs, videos, powerful customer testimonials, and custom graphics and on what social platforms. We then recommend competitive actions to give you an edge over your competitors.

Social Signals

It's goes far beyond followers, likes, and comments.

Social media marketing's value goes beyond posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. When your company publishes content on a social media platform, it affects your entire online presence including your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Social Media content creates valuable backlinks to your website, establishes your digital authority, and elevates your search engine optimization (SEO). Google, Yahoo, and Bing evaluate your company's social signals when determining its search engine ranking, utilizing collective data generated by your social media platforms to determine your website's social media credibility. The more social media activity you have, the better your search engine ranking.

A comprehensive understanding of this aspect of social media marketing is crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaign. Get noticed quickly with our industry proven techniques and drive more traffic to your website using social signals.

Facebook Marketing

Tell people why they should get to know your business.

The opportunities to present a positive image to potential new customers on Facebook are endless. Facebook has a dynamic marketing platform that allows you to define and target your audience precisely. Facebook provides marketers with the ability to target traditional demographics, such as gender or location, but also user interest and behaviors, which increases visibility to potential new customers already looking for goods and services in your industry. Simply existing on Facebook is not enough; you must engage your audience and communicate with them!

Twitter Marketing

Short form social media.

Long term results. Build extensive back-links, develop real connections, and find your target market with strategic Twitter marketing. Twitter is one of the farthest reaching and most powerful social media marketing tools around. The use of hashtags and Twitter lists help companies to connect with their target market and gain new business.

LinkedIn Marketing

Network with fellow industry leaders.

Grow your network and meet professionals online who are looking to do business. LinkedIn is the premier social platform for B2B marketing. Grow your business and professional network while making strategic connections with other industry leaders. Access to millions of professionals can be at your finger-tips.

Industry Solutions

Tailored to your target market.

Now you know more about the most popular social media platforms that are relevant to your market, but what about the media platforms built specifically for your industry? Is your contracting service listed on Houzz or Blue Book? Does your service have a favorable rating on Yelp or TripAdvisor? There are well over 200 industry specific social media platforms across the Internet and we work with them all.

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